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Unveiling the World of Virtual Reality

Embark on an exploration of the virtual realm with VR-IMMERSION, where cutting-edge technology meets immersive gaming experiences. Here at VR-IMMERSION, we understand that the world of virtual reality can be both thrilling and mysterious, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through your journey:

Virtual Reality, often abbreviated as VR, is a revolutionary technology that creates a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment. This immersive digital experience allows users to interact with the simulated world as if it were real, typically through the use of a headset and controllers. At VR-IMMERSION, we transport you beyond the constraints of reality, inviting you to explore and engage with captivating environments, unleashing the full potential of cutting-edge VR technology.

Embarking on a virtual adventure at VR-IMMERSION is a seamless process designed for your enjoyment. When you’re ready to dive into the immersive world of virtual reality, simply visit our HOW IT WORKS page for a comprehensive guide. From booking your session to the exciting moment you step into the virtual realm, we provide you with all the details you need for a smooth and unforgettable experience.

While we appreciate your spontaneous spirit, VR-IMMERSION operates on an appointment-only basis. This approach ensures that each visitor receives the utmost attention and a personalised experience. With a carefully selected number of headsets available, this reservation system allows us to maintain the highest standards in service and guarantees you exclusive use during your session.

At VR-IMMERSION, we offer a premium virtual reality experience using Oculus and Steam PC VR headsets. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality in virtual reality gaming is reflected in our choice of these cutting-edge headsets. The Oculus and Steam PC VR headsets provide an immersive and crystal-clear visual experience, ensuring that every moment in the virtual realm is filled with detail and excitement. Paired with our extensive game library, these headsets allow you to explore a wide variety of virtual worlds and adventures.

To explore the full list of over 100 thrilling VR games available at VR-IMMERSION, please visit our VR GAMES page. Our carefully curated selection encompasses a diverse range of genres, ensuring there’s something for every gaming preference. From heart-pounding adventures to mind-bending simulations, VR-IMMERSION is your portal to an extensive collection of immersive gaming experiences. Dive into the catalog to discover the titles that will make your virtual reality journey truly unforgettable.

Absolutely! At VR-IMMERSION, we welcome the familiarity and personal touch of your own Steam account. Whether you’re eager to maintain your scores or explore games we haven’t acquired yet, feel free to log in with your Steam credentials. Your gaming experience should be uniquely yours, and using your Steam account ensures you have a personalised journey through the vast virtual landscapes we offer.

At VR-IMMERSION, we understand that sometimes, the thrill of virtual reality is hard to leave behind. If you find yourself wanting to extend your gaming session beyond the initially booked period, you can certainly do so if there’s no one else booked after you. However, please note that extending your playtime on VR incurs an additional cost which is payable at the bar. After your session concludes, feel free to continue enjoying our facilities. Whether you choose to play Xbox, engage in a friendly game of pool, or indulge in our range of food and drinks, the experience doesn’t have to end when your booked time is up. 

At VR-IMMERSION, your health and safety are our top priorities. After every use, our VR headsets undergo a thorough cleaning process with antibacterial wipes. This meticulous approach ensures not only a pristine visual and gaming experience but also prevents the spread of germs. We are dedicated to providing you with a clean and hygienic environment, allowing you to enjoy your virtual adventures with complete peace of mind.

At VR-IMMERSION, we welcome enthusiasts of all ages to explore the wonders of virtual reality. However, for the safety of our younger participants, if you are under the age of 13, we kindly request that you be accompanied by an adult when using the VR headsets. This ensures a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone. Our goal is to create a family-friendly environment where everyone can share the excitement of virtual reality gaming. 

At VR-IMMERSION, we encourage social gaming experiences. If you’re looking to team up or compete with a friend in the virtual world, simply give us a ring. Our team will guide you through our list of co-op games available, ensuring you and your friend have an amazing time together. Whether it’s collaborative gameplay or friendly competition, our selection of co-op games offers an array of immersive experiences for you both to enjoy.

At VR-IMMERSION, our goal is to provide a comprehensive entertainment experience. In addition to our immersive VR gaming, we offer a variety of activities to enhance your visit. Unwind and challenge friends with our pool table or engage in some friendly competition on our 4-player Xbox setup. If you prefer a more laid-back setting, our lounge area is perfect for relaxing and catching up with friends. And, of course, don’t forget to explore our selection of delicious food and drinks, including popcorn and our famous Tango Ice Blast machine.

At VR-IMMERSION, we’re thrilled to offer our space for private events and parties. If you’re looking to elevate your celebration or organise a unique gathering, give us a call to discuss our availability and tailored packages. Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, or any special occasion, we’re here to ensure your guests have an unforgettable experience. Book your party at VR-IMMERSION and enjoy exclusive access to our VR gaming, entertainment options, and more. Let us turn your event into a virtual celebration like no other!